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Carapace is a monthly event of true personal stories at Manuel's Tavern in Atlanta, every fourth Tuesday of the month (except December). While the show begins at 7p, we encourage people to get there early to meet their neighbors and enjoy a meal before the mic goes live.

Raconteurs + Rapt Audience
= Really Good Time!

Every fourth Tuesday of the month, ordinary raconteurs tell true, personal, five-minute (or so) stories on a pre-selected theme. Topics have included, for example, "Scars," and "Feuds & Rivalries."

Our hilarious host, Cris Gray, guides us through.

Names are drawn from a hat. No one is required to tell a story; attendees can just listen. It's free.

Next Month’s Theme: Alliances

Tuesday, June 27, 7p, Manuel’s Tavern

One of the best lines ever spoken in the history of Carapace, spoken by Ashley Robinson, was:

"At the time, we already had a high school gay/straight alliance. We called it theatre."

June is Pride month. A great moment to celebrate Alliances.

When was a time an unspoken alliance did you a solid? Have you found yourself an unexpected ally looking someone else in the eye across the barroom floor just before it all goes down in a fracas?

Did someone stick up for you against the bully? Were you the s/hero in someone else's story?

Alternatively, did it all fall apart when typical allies flipped the tables? Perhaps things went cold and unexplained after years of togetherness. Sometimes the worst betrayals are the ones we never see coming.

Don't let us down. We hope we can rely on you to show up at Manny's, as always, on the 4th Tuesday of the month to share or hear some good stories about the time you kept the trust. Or didn't.

That’s Tuesday, June 27 at 7p. We recommend getting there early to get your order in and say hi to some friendly faces.

Our producer, Shannon M. Turner, will be at Manuel’s by 6p on the night of the show. If you’d like some free story coaching as you prepare to get up on that mic, please feel free to arrive in that hour before and talk through the story’s points with her for some potential ideas or help with shaping it.

The hat of destiny awaits…

There’s never any pressure to tell a story, but you’ll never experience a more welcoming environment to try out the mic.

Join in the fun…

Photos by Andrew Huang

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